Registration 2020

Delayed one week to March 21/22 PLEASE READ! Due to the closure of the schools and for everyone's safety I am delaying our registration for one week while we figure out the best way to do it and keep everyone safe. I am thinking about a drive by version based on grade level to reduce numbers, and separating anyone who needs to try things on (like newbies). I want everyone to try on uniforms or shooting shirts that need to in a way that doesn't put anyone at risk, but allows us to get our order in so that we are not further delayed when everything opens up again. Note that the tournament directors informed me today they are still operating, albeit with a limitation on the number of people who can gather. More info on this by Tuesday. Hopefully, by the time we begin tournaments in May we will be past the current state of affairs... fingers washed and crossed. I am still hopeful to start practicing at the beginning of April unless the zombie apocalypse is upon us. In the meantime, if you have not done so already, please register and sign the waiver form at the bottom of this page). Returning Sparks: If you are a returning family, please find your uniform, practice jersey and shooting shirt and check to make sure everything still fits. If this is the case please fill out the attached form with the same size for the shooting shirt (only) for order. If not we will need you to try on at your announced date. We will accept one size up as well. Please remember since these are printed with last names they are not returnable/refundable. Newbies: if you are new, because we purchase to order, I will need you to try things on. Sorry. So please do not fill this out yet! I will have print outs with me when we do your sign up. Payment: We still like cash and checks, but I am looking to see if maybe we can use Zelle this year as well. We do NOT take credit cards because we try not to waste 3% of everyone's money. Am considering having a drop off at the bakery or drive by payment for folks this week if you want to set something up with me... My office is closed and I am working from home and now have nothing else to do this weekend! Payment plans are available. If you are having a hard time please do not hesitate to email me... I will work with you. $250 is the minimum deposit. More info to come! Coach Bob

Runs March/April through July, Fall League September-October TBD. Away tourney in St. Joseph, MI, July 11th-12th weekend with beach party!

1-2 times weekly: nights and/or weekends. Gyms TBA.

Conditioning and Trainings (shooting/rebounding, post, dribbling/passing included).

Includes 4 months of practice, conditioning , 6 tournaments minimum (10 max), wicking shooting shirt, beach party and more. Payment plans are available.

2020 Registration | Payment is Accepted by Cash/Check in Person

New Members

Total for All Items Below
$750-785 / season
  • New Member fee: $640
  • Practice Jersey $30
  • Game Uniform $80
  • Bag (Optional) $35

Returning Sparks

And Siblings
$595+/ season
  • Returning Member Fee $595
  • Practice Jersey $30 (if needed)
  • Game Uniform $80 (if needed)
  • Bag $35 (Optional)
2020 Registration | Be Sure to Complete Both Forms

Required Forms

After submitting the registration form, scroll to the top of the page and you will see the message “Your response has been recorded.”